© Jakob Glasner

A project by Jakob Glasner, Katrin Nora Kober (artistic collaborator) and Martin Glasner (coding support)
Ars Electronica Center Linz, March/April 2024
With the project SOS Landmarks for Future, the Ars Electronica Center becomes a multiplier of the Landmarks for Future movement and broadcasts an SOS signal across its facade. Since March, the signal has been growing stronger day by day, until on Earth Overshoot Day, April 7, 2024, it shines at full strength.
On April 7, 2024, Earth Overshoot Day, Austria has already exhausted its renewable ecological resources for the year 2024! After that, we are living on credit from the biosphere and paying the price with further climate damage now and in the future.
SOS Landmarks for Future confronts us humans with the question of who will come to the aid of the ecosystem and thus our own future. The abbreviation SOS leaves room for interpretation - what do we want to preserve or change: Save Our Souls? Save Our Species? Swap Our System?
On Earth Overshoot Day, the SOS signals are sent "regionally" into the night sky - the Kunsthaus Graz is also participating in the Landmarks for Future initiative and broadcasts the SOS signal into the night through its media facade.
After April 7, the facade of the Ars Electronica Center "goes silent". Only visitors can express their desire for an ecological society within the opening hours of the facade game, by connecting with the building via their own smartphone through WiFi and sending the SOS signal into the Linz night sky through the 40,000 LEDs of the facade, along with their own message.

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