Artistic Research at Nikola Tesla Laboratory 
Technical University Graz, 2013/14​​​​​​​
The book documents the process and the results of a project that combines academic research and teaching. Under the leadership of Katrin Nora Kober and Stefan Buchberger, students at the Institute of Contemporary Art posed the question of how lightning could be used in artistic production. 
The participants set out on a shared voyage of discovery and examined a wide spectrum of approaches - from material experiments and the development of poetic objects and tongue in cheek commodities, to the conceptual approximation of the lightning phenomenon. 
The framework for this transdisciplinary endeavor was achieved through the collaboration with university professor Stephan Pack, with support of Christian Vergeiner, from the Institute of High Voltage Engineering and System Performance. 
The laboratory opened its doors and offered its equipment for collective research and production at the intersection of art and high voltage engineering. 

Katrin Nora Kober und Hans Kupelwieser (Hg.): Blitzkontakt: Kunst im Hochspannungslabor', Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz, 2014

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